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It's not enough to just have a well designed website. After all, what good is a nice looking site if no ones checking it out?
Your website must be optimized for search engines (SEO/ Search Engine Optimization).

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO), is a process to help a website, by using different keywords or phrases found in search engines. The better the keywords and phrases used in your website, the better chance of your site being found when people are searching for any of your services in Google.

In other words, SEO is the process of tweaking and improving a website so it will rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Marketers and "SEO experts" make the mistake of seeing Search Engine Optimization only as a source of free traffic. It’s true, but its not really how it works. SEO is to help people who are looking for your services find you. So, the content, words and phrases on your website has to match what people are trying to find. If if the terms that are being searched for in Google are not found on any of your web pages, your website is not going to be found.

Gaining visitors to your website increases sales.
And the proper use of SEO is going to help improve the visibility of your website.

Back in the day, people would look through the yellow pages to find the business they were looking for. But today, people are finding businesses through Google and other search engines. Punch in a few key words or phrases, hit search and boom! There it is! Most of the people searching the web may only get as far as the first page of results listed before choosing a website to visit. So you want to make sure that your site appears on that first page and as high in the list as possible so you can get people to click your website link.

Google is the number one search engine used by everyone!
If you want to be found on Google,
your website needs to be on or near the first page of the search results.

• The first page of Google search results gets about 91 percent of the traffic.
• Page two of the search results only sees 4.8 percent.
• Page three gets 1.1 percent.

The best way to get your site as high on the list as possible
is through the use of good SEO strategies and techniques.

Organic SEO

Now you’re going to hear the term “organic / natural” search results alot. These are not paid for in search engines. You can tell the difference between the two because paid results are on the very top of the search results or on the right side of a web page. Search engines like Google, make paid results look different by labeling them or coloring them to help separate them from organicor natural search results.

Organic or natural search results are usualy listed on left side of the page. Why they call them “organic” is because any site can show up there, as long as content is the most relevant. As a matter of fact, Google collects over 200 signals, or pieces of information, from your site when figuring out where to rank it in search the results; thats why optimization is very important. You need to make sure that these search engines can easily crawl, understand, and index every page of your website.

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