"Freelance Graphic Artist"

Custom Car Drawings

Hot Rods, Lowriders, Rat Rods and Muscle Cars

I've been in the industry professionally for 30 years. My focus is on vibrant and interesting digital art, in order to create unique pieces that stimulate the inspiration and imagination.

Below are just a few drawings that were created for my clinets. If you are interested in a custom drawing of your hot rod, lowrider, muscle car or rat rod email me a few pictures of you and your car, along with a closeup. Final drawing will be a high resolution jpg that can be used for print. I can also print artwork for you on a poster or canvas if interested. For more information feel free to contact me.

(805) 650-1916

The Process

The process in digital art is like making other art and paintings. I choose the tools that we need; colors, paint, canvas; we have the idea in our head (sometimes); then we start drawing; the idea grows as we draw. I work on the art until it's done. Or put it away for a few days and jump on something else.

"Design begins with imagination"