Artwork Designs

Artwork Designs for hiphop and skateboard brands.

Artwork designs for skateboard decks hand drawn and digitized in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Did these pieces back in 2002 when I used to work for a small silkscreening company printing skateboards. Started off sketching out the art on paper. Once I was happy with the artwork design, I scanned it and created the outlines in Illustrator. From there I exported the line art (vectors) into Photoshop where I added all of the shadows and highlights.

All of this is created in separate channels in Photoshop. Which work a little different than layers. Channels make it a little easier to separate artwork designs. The channels are exported as individual files used for the different colors of the art. In this case, there were only about four screens used since the artwork is monotone. Black, white and two different tones of grey.

The art on the bottom with the boy peeing on the fire hydrant, never made it to a skateboard deck. It was only a concept piece for a new startup business clothing line called “Streets”. However, I did a few other designs that did make it to a few skateboard decks as well as some t-shirts. Still thinking of what I can do this artwork.

I’ve always been into urban style artwork such as graffiti and “hiphop art”. Maybe this is where my style of artwork designs comes from? So when someone ask’s me to do some art for their brand new urban clothing line, I’m all over it!